At a young age, Mikolai began to develop a strong passion for art. As time progressed, he began to appreciate and experiment with diverse materials and mediums and begin to construct his unique artistic voice.

During his freshman year in high school, Mikolai became the youngest ever dual-enrollment student at the Kendall College School of Art and Design. At Kendall, he’s expanded into diverse areas of art under the guidance of his art professors, taking design, sculpture and painting classes.

The majority of Mikolai's work varies in its intensity, exploring themes of breaking free from life, and the influence of “stories” people tend to fabricate in their heads. He explores a variety of mediums and continues to search for that which he would like to use primarily in his future pieces. His style consists of mostly abstract, surrealistic and wistful. From a vase blossoming with eyes in place of flora, to depictions of the interior of an artistic brain, to realistic portraits communicating fine-spun emotion, his works are a genuine mode of artistic, personal expression.

Mikolai has recently begun to submit his work to art competitions and is holding his first ever art exhibit this summer at Sweet Peony in his hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Mikolai plans to attend the prestigious Interlochen Arts Academy to expand his knowledge and possibilities, and pursue his art career with passion and dedication.

Mikolai with his artwork at My Sweet Peony

Mikolai with his artwork at My Sweet Peony